Cabrio advise

Congratulations with your new cabriotop!

To keep the top in this wonderful condition as long as possible we are pleased to give you some advises with which you will enjoy your cabriotop for years.

  • A just assembled cabriotop contains a lot of tension. It’s wise to keep the top closed for a while after the assembling and not to open it immediately. We advise for PVC and fabric top to keep them closed for at least 24 hours, this way the top will conduct to the frame.
    By the way: frequently opening and closing the top causes a quicker wear at the folding points.
  • When you open the top, please be aware that de top folds well and that no pointy objects are in the space where the top lies in.
    Always open the top at the front site first, after this you can, if possible, slither the back window.
    Always close the top when you are not driving your car, the top will maintain his form better and will less easy shrink.
  • Never open the top when it’s wet, hereby you will prevent mould shaping at the top and infestation of the material. It’s better to dab the top first and drive with a closed top for a while, this way the top dries better.
    If the temperature is below 5 degrees it’s better that you don’t open or close the top at all. Severe damage can happen at your (PVC)top or the plastic rear window because the material becomes to hard to fold smoothly.
    Never use an ice scratchier to remove ice from the rear window, this causes scratches. It’s better to heat up the car from the inside, this way the ice will disappear automatically.
  • Clean your top only with water and a soft soap. Do not use hard brushes or wax and never go with your car thru a carwash lane. With this, you will prevent damages to your top. You can wash the top with a soft brush and always wash the whole top at once; hereby you will prevent colour differences. Inform at TOP CABRIO for special soap to clean your top and the special impregnation liquids as a result of which dirt get less change to attach to the top.
    Try moreover to remove dirt (bird droppings etc.) from your top before it leaves a spot.
    Never wash your top (just like the rest of the car) in the open sun.
  • The rear window requires a special treatment. Glass windows should only be cleaned with products based on water. Pay special attention to the rear window heating, this is very vulnerable and especially the adaptor should never get wet.
    Plastic windows can be cleaned by a soft brush very often. Make sure that you always remove sand and other dirt with much water; this prevents scratches on the window.
    When a window after a while becomes less transparent you can use a polisher. Ask for the at TOP CABRIO.

Once again, the most important issues:

To do

  • Keep the top after assembling closed for at least 24 hours.
  • Keep the top closed when you are not driving the car or when it’s wet.
  • Clean the whole top with much water and a soft soap.
  • Clean plastic rear windows often.
  • Use a top cover when the top is opened.

Not to do

  • Opening the top immediately after assemblage.
  • Opening a wet top.
  • Use of aggressive or scouring cleaning detergents for cleaning.
  • Drive your car thru a car wash lane.
  • Use of an ice scratchier to remove ice from the rear window.