We offer a selection of two or three different convertible hoods for most car types. Often in many colours like red, dark blue, beige, white, brown, green, purple, grey and black.
Our professional mechanics will install your convertible hood in our well equipped workplace. Depending on the type of car we mostly offer a 'while you wait' service.

All fabric hoods are guaranteed for 3 years.
Below the different types of fabric are listed.

Common PVC


At first we offer the common PVC top, used for e.g. Ford and Volkswagen. This top is made of synthetic material which resembles the original. Due to the synthetic nature it is a bit glossier than the original..

Original material

'Original material' is the hood which the manufacturer originally installed on your car. When you would prefer a synthetic hood we mostly advise you to choose the original type of hood. The original hood is somewhat more flexible and has a better look.
The original top can also be made of durable Sonnenland fabric. For example Mercedes, BMW, Audi and Porsche install these top-class tops.


Sonnenland fabric

Together with Syntex, Sonnenland fabric is the best material to buy for your convertible.

Syntex has the same looks as Sonnenland. However the fabric and coating of the Syntex fabric are somewhat more modern (read: better) from quality.

Fabric hoods have many advantages over synthetic ones. It is more durable, it is 100% waterproof, it doesn't shrink, it doesn't tear when it is folded and there's no need for extra care.

There are cheaper fabrics, however we decided not to sell these fabrics. Because we only want to sell top quality fabrics to our customers.

We guarantee this quality for three years.