Leather interiors

Top Cabrio has been the specialist in fitting leather interiors for years.

Our speciality is to fit leather seats into brand new cars. We often do so for dealers and other customers.

Upgrading your car afterwards has some profits:

  • Full leather
  • Fair price
  • Durable


All our leather interiors are ISO certified en suitable for cars with side airbags.

There is a wide variety of leather to choose from. We offer
more than 20 colours which results in numerous colour
variations. There are also different types of leather like soft
or perforated leather allow you to create your personal combination.

Treat yourself with the luxury of a top interior from Top Cabrio and increase your car's value.

Car carpet sets

Please visit us to see our choice of car carpet sets.


Standard carpet
This is a robust woven Carpet. These carpet sets are used in Ford and many Audi and Volkswagen cars. These sets are of good quality and they fit perfect into your car. We provide the standard carpet in the colours beige, red, blue or grey.

Delicate velvet
This carpet is of very fine quality. It is beautiful woven, it has a luxury look and is self cleaning (dirt offensive?). It is for example used by Mercedes. A wide variety of colours will suit your demand.

This carpet is specially designed to fit Volkswagen, Porsche and Mercedes old-timers made in the fifties and sixties. We offer you the original colours. Finished with PVC, cotton or leather.