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How to keep your convertible top in good condition?

When you've Top Cabrio install your brand new top we will offer you some advice to keep your top in top condition. Good care for your top will guarantee a perfect condition and a longer life.

Right after your new top has been installed you should keep the roof closed for at least 24 hours. The new hood will be able to adapt to your cars shape.

Use & care product

Initially the roof will open and close not as easy as you would like, this is normal. After some time the hood has adjust itself to the frame of your convertible and will open and close easily.

Don't forget to close the roof when you don't drive the car. It's better for the hood to keep it's closed position and you will not be surprised by a swimming pool in your car when it starts to rain.

When your hood has become wet the best thing to do is to drive with the roof closed for a short while before opening it. This allows the hood to dry. When you want to go for an open ride immediately you should dry the hood yourself with a chamois.


Hard brushes can damage the top, therefore it's not advisable to take your car to an automatic carwash.
It is much better to use warm water and a soft cleaning soap. Use soft brushes to clean your top. Take your time to make it really clean. Rinse the top with enough water to remove all soap. Do not use a high pressure cleaner!
After cleaning the top thoroughly dry with a chamois you can go for a little ride and allow it to dry.

Use & care product

When your rear window is made of plastic you should take special care in cleaning it regularly. Prevent sand and dirt from scratching all plastic parts. Again use a soft detergent.
After many years the rear window can become scratched and more difficult to see trough. We sell the right polish to remove these scratches and give you a clear view.
Assure yourself when opening the roof that the window is stored away unfolded. A folded rear window can easily burst especially when it's cold outside.

When you've let Top Cabrio install a new fabric top you should treat the top with special Happich spray. This will create a water and dust resisting coating which results in a longer life. Above all it provides you a more beautiful top with its original intense colour.
This spray prevents the top layer of your top to get wet, so it will dry quicker. Besides this dirt won't stick to your top.
Top Cabrio sells this Happich spray.

When you take care of the above advices you will enjoy your top for a long time. The colour will last longer and the top will stay in perfect condition.
Keep in mind that every time you open and close the roof this will cause natural creases to your top especially near the pivot points.

Never open the hood when it is wet!