Because the Dutch climate (as well as the Brittish) often is too bad for a cabriodriver, the windbreaker has become a neccesarry accessoire for your cabriocar. The windbreaker reduces the fallback of wind in your neck with an amount of 90% percent. With a windbreaker and the possibility to put the heating higher you can even drive your cabrio (with an open top) with a lower temperature outside.


TOP CABRIO supplies and assembles windbreakers for almost every cabrio, with or withour a rollbar. Our windbreakers are built of frames with a special fabric due to which you will not hear the noise of the wind against the breaker what happens with plexiglas windbreakers.

Especially for cabrios with a rollbar we supply the ROLLO. he windbreaker will be mounted below the back seats and can be pulled up and attached to the roll bar. They are very easy to use. Even when the windbreaker isnt used it can simply be left in your car, easily stored below your backseat.


For cabrios without a rollbar we supply windbreakers which can be pulled down. This windbreaker will be assembled at the excisting attachmentpoints in the car and have an advanced instruction manual for assembling them. The windbreakers can also stay in the car when you dont need them, you can pull them backwards down.

Each type of windbreaker reduces the wind only for the driver and the seat next to the driver. If you have passengers or children in the backseat its recommended not to use a windbreaker.

You can order our windbreakers using our webshop but ofcourse you are always welcome to visit us. During your visit we can assemble the windbreaker for you.